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Criminal Assault Attorneys

If you have been accused of any type of assault crime, it is imperative that you retain a criminal defense attorney with extensive experience.  Whether you have been charged with simple assault, assault – family violence, or aggravated assault, our criminal attorneys understand the serious nature of this crime and know how to effectively defend you against these types of charges. To begin your legal defense, please contact us right away for a free consultation.

What is Assault Under Texas Law?

Under Texas Penal Code Chapter 22, a person commits assault if they intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causes bodily injury to another, which can include a person’s spouse – OR – intentionally, knowingly threatens another with imminent bodily harm, also including a person’s spouse.  An assault charge can range from a Class C Misdemeanor to a state jail felony.

What is Aggravated Assault Under Texas Law?

A person commits an aggravated assault if the assault causes serious bodily injury to another, including a person’s spouse or uses or exhibits a deadly weapon. 

An aggravated assault may be second degree felony with a penalty range of 2-20 years in jail.  But, the charges may be escalated to a first degree felony with a penalty range of 5-99 years in jail.  You may be charged with a first degree felony if a deadly weapon is used for the assault and causes serious bodily injury to a person that has a close familial relationship, if the assault is committed while driving a motor vehicle, if the victim is acting in their role as a public servant. 

Penalties and consequences for assault in Texas

Depending on the circumstances of the assault, the misdemeanor assault can be designated as a Class A, Class B, or Class C misdemeanor.

  • Class C misdemeanor: Fine of up to $500.
  • Class B misdemeanor: Up to 180 days in jail, fine of up to $2,000.
  • Class A misdemeanor: Up to 1 year in jail, fine of up to $4,000.
If you are found guilty of assault, a conviction will become part of your permanent criminal record. If you are later found guilty of another crime, the court will consider your prior conviction when determining your sentencing. Other consequences include hurting your future employment opportunities and hurting your chances of getting approved for rental applications for houses or apartments.

Possible defenses against assault charges

If you have been charged with assault, our attorneys will review all possible defenses.  There be some inadmissible evidence that cannot be used against you or the complaining party may be able to sign an affidavit of non-prosecution.  Whatever the facts of your case, we will make sure to throughly review all of the evidence with you to ensure that we build the best possible defense.

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Avoid having an assault conviction becoming part of your permanent record and contact the criminal defense lawyers of Crocker Russell & Associates to begin your defense against these serious charges. Our attorneys have the experience needed to give you the best possible outcome for your situation. Schedule your free case evaluation by submitting your information on our website or by calling us at (817) 482-6570.

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You should never speak with law enforcement without the presence of an attorney.  Call our office before sitting down with the detective about your case.

Although every case is different, if the complaining witness would like to drop the charges against you, our attorneys may be able to assist them in signing the right documents to submit to the detective or prosecutors office.

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