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Wrongful Termination Lawyer in Mansfield

By law, Texas is an “at will” employment state.  Generally, an employee may be fired for any reason except for an illegal reason.  Our employment law team will review your case and determine if you were fired for an illegal reason.  Both Texas and Federal laws require you to go through the administrative processes before you may file a private lawsuit.  It’s of the utmost importance that you seek legal counsel as soon as you are terminated to preserve your rights.

Steps to follow after You're Terminated

STEP ONE:  As soon as you’re terminated, gather all the evidence that you have against your employer.  The more evidence you have and have preserved, the better chance you have at recovering some money.

STEP TWO:  Write down a timeline of the events, potential witnesses and examples of the illegal activity by the employer.

STEP THREE:  Seek legal counsel immediately.  Bring your evidence and timeline to the initial consultation and explain to the lawyer why you think the employer fired you for an illegal reason.

How our Wrongful Termination lawyers can help

Our wrongful termination lawyers can evaluate your case and put together a plan to handle your case.  Our attorneys work hard to get you a full and fair settlement. Ultimately, the process of addressing wrongful termination can be complex and may vary depending on jurisdiction and specific circumstances. It is important for individuals facing such challenges to be informed about their rights, seek appropriate legal counsel, and take steps to protect their interests in the aftermath of an unjust termination.

Free Consultation with our expert wrongful termination attorney

Our experienced attorney specializes in employment law and wrongful termination cases. You’ll receive personalized advice tailored to your unique situation. By taking advantage of this free consultation, you empower yourself with the information needed to make informed decisions about your future. Don’t let your wrongful termination cast a shadow over your professional life—take the first step toward justice today. 

Your rights matter. Contact us now at (817) 482-6570, to schedule your free contsultation and let’s navigate the path to a brighter future together.

Frequently asked questions about divorces

No.  Some of the employment law claims can be settled before the filing of the private lawsuit is necessary.

Depending on the case, we may be able to take your case on a contingency fee basis.

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