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Child Support
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Child Support

Child support is calculated in accordance with the Attorney General guidelines. 

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How is child support determined in texas?

Child support is determined by the non-custodial parents net income. The first child is calculated at 20% and increases for each additional child. 

1st child: 20%

2nd child: 25%

3rd child: 30%

4th child: 35%

failure to pay child support

If a parent fails to pay child support, a court can order a parent to be placed in jail for up to six months for contempt of court.  The Office of the Attorney General of Texas can take several measures to enforce a child support order, including but not limited to; filing a lien on real property; suspending the parent’s driver license; wage garnishment; and sending the case to court. 

Child Support Modification

If the parent responsible for paying child support income changes more than $100, the parent receiving payments can request the court to modify the payments. 

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frequently asked questions about Child Support

We are able to file for a modification if it has been more than 3 years since your last order or the obligor’s income has changed by 20% or $100.00.

Yes. You are still able to receive child support even if the other parent has children from a prior relationship. The percentage for which the child support is calculated will depend on how many children they have.

If the other parent is not following the court order, and is not paying child support, we can file an enforcement with the court. In an enforcement, we can ask that the Judge sentence the other party to jail time and hold them in contempt for not paying.

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