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If you or a loved one does not have any legal status in the United States, our dedicated immigration attorneys can help you and make sure that your petition or other application is done correctly.  Over the last few years, the United States immigration policies have substantially changed.  We do not recommend that you try and navigate this process without an experienced attorney by your side.

If one of the categories below applies to you or your loved one, call (817) 482-6570 to schedule a free case review with one of our experienced attorneys.

Immigration Services - Asylum

What types of asylum are available to me?

There are two different ways to claim asylum in the United States. There is an affirmative asylum and a defensive asylum. The easiest and best way to obtain status through asylum is affirmative asylum.

Affirmative asylum means that the applicant is not in deportation proceedings. If this is you, please reach out to us quickly. For most people, they only have one year to claim asylum. Of course, there are special exceptions, but for most asylum seekers, the deadline is one year from entering the United States.

Can a person who entered illegally claim asylum?

The simple answer is yes. A lot of asylum seekers are here in the United States illegally, and often, this makes them not want to file for asylum status. But do not be afraid; you can still qualify for asylum even if you are here illegally.

What is this Form I-589 I keep hearing about?

Form I-589 is officially called the Application for Asylum and Withholding of Removal. The I-589 is the formal document a person files for asylum to be qualified as a refugee. Both affirmative asylum seekers and defensive asylum seekers use this form. While this document may seem “easy” to complete and straightforward, you should get an attorney to help you fill it out the right way the first time.

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Immigration Services - citizenship & Naturalization

What is required to become a full-fledged United States citizen?

You may already qualify to become a full citizen right now. Here are the most basic requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have been or are living in the United States as a lawful permanent resident (LPR) for more than three years (if married to a United States citizen), or five years (if not married to a United States citizen)
  • Show you have good moral character.


If you think you qualify or have questions about when you will be eligible, call Crocker Russell & Associates at 817-482-6570.

Immigration Services - Lawful Permanent Resident (Green Card)

If you are a U.S. citizen, you may file a petition for (1) your spouse; (2) unmarried children under 21; (3) you unmarried sons or daughter 21 years old or older; (4) married sons or daughters of any age; (5) brother or sisters, if you are 21 or older; or (6) your mother or father, if you are 21 or older.

If you are a lawful permanent resident, you may file a petition for (1) your spouse; (2) your unmarried child under 21; or (3) your unmarried son or daughter 21 years or age or older.

If you are in the United States or wanting lawful status in the United States, call our office (817) 482-6570 to schedule an appointment to speak with our immigration attorneys.   

Immigration Services - Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is constantly changing and is being challenged. But right now, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is still processing and accepting DACA requests. Currently it takes about 3-18 months.

Here is what you will need for renewal:

  • Previous DACA paperwork (all the DACA documents you had when you renewed)
  • Three required USCIS forms (I-821D, I-765, I-765WS)
  • Filing fee $495


Got questions about DACA? Call Crocker Russell & Associates at 817-482-6570.

frequently asked questions about immigration

Yes.  Even if it is not us, you need an immigration attorney. The immigration process is tricky at every stage of the process.  If, for some reason, you do not complete the forms correctly or you submit the wrong documentation, you could be deported.  The stakes are too high for you not to invest in an experienced attorney.

It is free! You have nothing to lose. Call us at 817-482-6570 to set up the free consultation. 

Yes.  We do offer a limited type of payment plan.  We understand that hiring an attorney is expensive.

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