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What is Funeral Home Negligence?

Funeral Home Negligence is a broad term used to describe the many missteps that can occur during the burial or service of a loved one. These matters are non-criminal in nature and involve a dispute between the loved one family members, the funeral and cemetery home and/or crematory. 

Types of Funeral Home Negligence

  • Mishandling or Abuse of a Corpse 
  • Erorrs or Omissions in the Funeral Service 
  • Improper Grave Care 
  • Funeral Theft 
  • Grave Disturbance 
  • Funeral and/or Crematory Misidentification
  • General Funeral Home Negligence 
  • General Crematory Negligence 
  • General Cemetery Negligence
Our mishandling of a corpse attorneys specializes in legal matters related to the improper treatment or handling of deceased individuals. Our attorneys are well-versed in the laws and regulations surrounding the respectful and lawful disposition of human remains. We represent clients facing charges or accusations related to the mishandling of corpses, which can include issues such as improper burial practices, unauthorized dissection, desecration of remains, or failure to comply with funeral industry regulations. Mishandling of a corpse attorneys work to protect their clients’ rights, navigate legal processes, and ensure compliance with relevant laws pertaining to the dignified and lawful treatment of deceased individuals.

frequently asked questions about Civil Litigation

Each type of case may have a different statute of limitations but the majority of funeral home negligence cases must be filed within two years of the negligence.

Based on what type of case you have, we may be able to take your case on contingency.

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